Cumming Home regularly allows us to be entertained by Jim Threlkeld, a columnist so nutty that he makes Ann Coulter look like Anne Frank.

Threlkeld starts off with the oft-repeated canard that Obama is nationalizing the banking and auto industries. This has a gem of truth in it, although Threlkeld doesn’t acknowledge that George W. Bush got the ball rolling.

Then? Wingnuttery!

  • “President Obama is possibly moving for the federal government to nationalize the electrical industry. “
  • “Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, is suggesting that he be given the power to take over any business in America which is facing a financial crisis.”
  •  “Talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, local conservative talk show host Martha Zoeller, and others who do not agree with Obama’s policies will be silenced”
  • “Only books which support his programs will be available. Only newspapers which preach his greatness will stay in print.”
  • “Some circles are reporting that the Obama administration is training 80,000 American troops to counter any attempt by its citizens to take back their country.”

The “80,000 troops” thing is classic. Take back the country? From who- the guy they just elected?

Threlkeld does give us some tenderness, as he admits:

And, I will admit I am more scared of the people in Washington than I have ever been scared of anything in my life.

See, folks, he’s scared. He’s not nutty, he’s simply afraid.

If I had one message for Mr. Threlkeld, who seems to be a nice guy despite his wild exaggerations and striking ignorance of the facts, I’d say this:

Hey Chief, you’re not even through the first 100 days. You have 4 to 8 more years of this guy’s presidency. You may wish to saddle up and get a control of your irrational fear, partner, or you’re gonna blow a heart valve.