Random thoughts…

Danny Gokey plays it safe and hits a homer. A guy who lost his wife, singing a pop-country song about loss that’s already sold a million records? Sweet. Plus, the dude can flat-out sing.

Allison Iraheta’s guitar playing was rough in the beginning, but the audience probably didn’t notice. She’s talented though. Too bad she has a 0% chance of winning.

Scott MacIntyre plays a great- but wimpy- Billy Joel song. It suits him. I’m convinced that Scott has absolutely no testosterone in his body, so if he sticks to this genre he’ll do fine. Next up – Scott MacIntyre does Jack Johnson!

Matt Giraud goes in the audience, sings, and kicks ass. My dark horse candidate for winning it, and the judges savage him. THIS GUY is GOOD. What the F@(%?!?

Lil Rounds, the kid and Randy Jackson? Adorable. No way she gets voted off.

Adam Lambert. Did Abdul really compare him to Jagger and Steven Tyler?

Prediction (1:49 am): The Left On Lanier Elimination Formula™  predicts Megan Joy Corkrey getting the boot. Baby, I am POSITIVE you’re heading home. Bet the farm on it. The weird pronunciation has grown tiresome, and while you make my grundle grin and my taint faint, your good looks and sweet smile can only last so long.

Cumulative Results: 10 out of 13 this season. Megan Joy hits the bricks, and seems chipper about it. This makes Simon angry. Don’t make Simon angry. 11 out of 14 this season.