The Republican Party began their assault on the airwaves as they announced their own alternate budget. Read it here. It’s very interesting that there are no spending recommendations in the entire document.

It’s the single most ludicrous “budget” in the history of budgets, as it doesn’t have line items… or department funds… or outlays, or capital investment or labor costs or anything affiliated with an actual budget.

They don’t offer estimates of tax cuts. They don’t offer estimates on growth, or details on Medicare spending.

Let’s say this again.

It’s a budget without numbers- as useful as a car without an engine…or wheels… or a driver. It’s a cell phone with no keypad. It’s a guitar with no strings.

Compare this 18 page document to the 142 page detailed actual budget document produced by the the Obama administration. It’s like comparing a vegan to Vegas. Similar name perhaps, but that’s it.

They talk of balancing a budget, but they don’t. Because they can’t. Because there are no numbers. It’d be ridiculous, if it wasn’t so scary.

In fairness, Rep. Cantor (R-Crazytown) objected to the document because it wasn’t specific enough. Kudos to him. While partisan, he’s not batshit insane.

Rep. Pence goes on MSNBC, and tries to defend the proposal (with video). Even he’s at a loss for words on how a budget can be a budget with actual proposals.

There’s no excuse for a national party to put out this type of rubbish. It’s lazy. It’s dishonest. It’s also predictable, because the GOP hasn’t done a thing since 2006 that wasn’t a cock-up of epic proportions.

Maybe Republicans think math is gay? Or Mexican?

Another good line from the GOP document:

The new budget is fresh off an eight percent increase in
nondefense spending from the omnibus-the highest
increase since the Carter administration, except
immediately following the September 11th attacks.

Or to sum up, Obama’s spending increase is the biggest since Carter! Except when Bush did it. Oh by the way, 9/11!

It’s not a budget- it’s a pamphlet. This Republican pamphlet is to governing as the Octomom is to parenting.

It was said earlier in this post, and it bears repeating: It’s the single most ludicrous budget document in history, just random pages of unbelievable stupidity. It would have been better to have printed 18 pages of Jesus riding a bald eagle while punching Bin Laden in the face. That would have at least gotten the southern vote.

Let’s go to Ezra Klein for the money shot:

The Republican proposal does not say how much money they would raise, or spend. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “budget” as “an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.” This is not a budget. It talks about balancing the budget but doesn’t explain how. It advocates tax cuts but doesn’t estimate their costs. It promises to cut programs but doesn’t name them.

The GOP war on intellectualism has reached it’s apex, it’s glorious climax, with a proposal that doesn’t propose and a budget that doesn’t budget. And they keep pumping that stupidity, thrusting that 18 page document with all the fervor of a frat boy on spring break, in hopes that if they just hump the media long enough, the American people will just give in. Just give up.

If the GOP pound hard enough, they think…maybe the populace will stop saying ‘no’, lay back, and finally learn to enjoy it.