Shooting the BS with a trusted acquaintance, I was told – You’re too easy on Erick Erickson.

“Well, maybe”, I responded “but I’ve always thought he was reasonable and …”

Yeah- my buddy responded- but I can’t STAND RedState!

There’s the rub. I read PeachPundit often, but RedState? Not so much. Mainly because I get a ton of Republican vitriol at FreeRepublic or at Buzz Brockway (whom I like) or Jason Pye (who drives me insane) or whatever. So, yeah, I don’t read RedState.

There’s only so much bile that one man can take on a regular basis. Some people choose RedState. I choose Freeper-ville.

If Erick is a seething and drooling partisan, perhaps I’ve been delightfully unaware since I only read his mild-mannered Clarke Kent-like blog.

I gotta start reading that RedState place. Update to come…