First, Rush Limbaugh said the phrase, and it touched off a media firestorm.

Then, Erick Erickson (a member of Macon’s government, proprietor of Peach Pundit, and a person I generally respect) said it: I Hope He Fails.

Now, another commentator at PP says the same thing. Using the same words. I Hope He Fails. Plus he throws in a Go Screw Yourself/You’re a Bigot to the state minority leader.

Do what you will with the words, gentlemen. They have power, as both of these people well know.

I am curious why these words, hateful and vindictive, cause such a minimal response in comparison to the Dixie Chick’s fiasco a few years ago. Remember those words that Natalie used in reference to President George W. Bush? The phrase that destroyed the Dixie Chick’s career, immediately kicked them off the radio, and morphed them from a country music trio to an American pariah still hated by the conservative class?

Natalie was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Which is worse?