I have been upfront regarding my opinion of the Hall County SPLOST referendum. I’m clearly against it, as can be seen here, or here , or here, or here, or here, or here, or here.

This has been a major story in Hall County. In fact, the local paper has devoted a special webpage to the issue.

And on this Gainesville Times webpage, you’ll see a special guest column “Recession is all the more reason to approve SPLOST” and an Oglesby editorial entitled “SPLOST is still best option” and an article entitled “SPLOST could help pay off county’s sewer loans” and “Operations of SPLOST projects increase bottom line”.

I defy you to find one anti-SPLOST article in the entire paper. Go ahead. Try and find one.

I’ll wait.

There is one unbiased article regarding the Hall County six-year sales tax, though. It gives the pro-and-cons of the situation, and I’m referenced in it. Apparently I am the only person in Hall that thinks this is a bad idea.

If the local paper is going to promote this additional tax in the midst of a devastating recession, then that is their choice. But if they hope to achieve any balance on the issue, they’ve got about 3 more days to make up for 3 months of SPLOST fellatio.

Don’t hold your breath.

Full Disclosure: The local paper did contact me regarding the SPLOST, and they quoted me accurately in the article. My beef is that there has been no anti-SPLOST editorial in the paper. Not one. All the reporting has been “Ohmigod more taxation is awesome!” with the exception of one well-researched article that I was quoted in a month ago.