America’s worst school system fired their superintendent- remember, the guy tasked with cleaning up the joint?

One of the reasons that Clayton County’s John Thompson was terminated was buried deep in the article:

…Thompson has spent recent weeks feuding with some board members over how they interact with staff. Thompson prohibited all staff from talking with board members, saying he wanted to avoid micromanaging.

Yet some board members have said Thompson overstepped his bounds…“Central office people have been written up for talking to the board,” said board Chairman Alieka Anderson said. “We want to get past this. We want a superintendent we can trust.”

While not accusing nor defending Thompson, this seems like a reasonable request. Does Microsoft’s middle management shoot the bull with the board members on a regular basis? Probably not. And if they did, upper management might have a few words for them.

Not defending the man, but trying to correct what seems to be unfair criticism of a valid management technique.