2002:    Tortune is illegal, disgusting, worthless, and Un-American.
2003:    Well, torture might be useful, but we don’t do it. It’s illegal and Un-American.
2004:    That wasn’t torture. That was, uh, fratenity pranks!
2005:    Torture isn’t illegal, but it doesn’t work. And uh, we don’t do it. Especially on American citizens. Just Enemy Combatants. Uh, hypothetically.
2006:    Torture works on that awesome show 24!
2007:    Torture might be okay, in certain circumstances.
2008:    Well yeah, we beat them, sexually abuse them, force them to undergo sensory deprivation, but it isn’t torture. And if it was, it would be legal.
2009:    Jesus says torture is okay!