Anatomy of a conspiracy

  1. On Tuesday, Fox News reports that Wikipedia’s entry for Barack Obama “had been edited to remove any mention of his (association) with former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers”.  Fox also revealed that Wikipedia has “repeatedly deleted attempts to add Ayers’ name” to the online encyclopedia’s Obama article.
  2. The primary source of the article was from World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein, who wrote a similar article only days before.
  3. WIRED did an investigation and found that an anonymous user named “Jerusalem21” had been one of the main users adding this fringe material to the Obama page. Also included were several references to the fake birth certificate controversy (which Wikipedia repeatedly deleted as well, noting it as “fringe material”).
  4. But what of this mysterious “Jerusalem21”? In addition to repeatedly altering Obama’s information, this user also edited another page.
  5. Since 2006, Jerusalem21 had edited the page for “Aaron Klein” over 37 times. These were the only articles that this user had edited in three years- Barack Obama’s (in order to add irrelevant and inaccurate facts) and Aaron Klein’s (in order to give updated personal and professional information).

Executive Summary: The same nutcase that kept vandalizing Obama’s page is the one that broke the “story”. And Fox News picks it up without once questioning the source.

Full story at WIRED.