Some interesting things have happened in the past few weeks in the Atlanta radio market. Here’s some that may have been missed.

  • Star 94’s Morning Mess was fired on Friday. They were hired to replace Steve & Vikki (who were pushed out, or resigned, depending on the news source you trust). S & V lasted over a decade… The Morning Mess lasted a year or so. Steve & Vikki are now at B 98.5.
  • 94.9 The Bull has been running promos that say he is coming. Inside speculation is that longtime Atlanta radio legend Rhubarb Jones might be the guy.
  • Brian James passed away. While you may not know the name, you probably know the voice. He was the announcer for Star 94 for years and years, and was one of the most well-known radio voice-over guys in the past decade. Listen to some of his work here. If you’ve listened to Star 94 in the past several years, you’ll instantly recognize his voice.
  • RELATED NOTE: In 2000, I worked for a radio station that used Brian James as the station “voice”. I moved three hours away, and again worked for a James station. Moved 300 miles back to Atlanta and surprise! worked for the James station in Atlanta. Basically- 7 years, 1000 miles, and never left the Brian James voice-over family.
  • 92.9 Dave is sounding much better lately. They are now on their third program director, and they’ve seen some encouraging signs in the ratings. Check them out if you’re into the soft alternative rock mindset.
  • Finally, the ratings in Atlanta have been tabulated differently then in the past. The new Portable People Meter measures actual listening, as opposed to simple listener recall. What this means for you? The previous method encouraged stations to play their slogan (95.5 The Beat!) between every song. Now you are more likely to hear a simple segue from one song to another with no mention of the station. This was unthinkable two years ago.