Confusing. I’m not sure how many contestants are getting bumped off the show tonight. Since they went to a field of 13, it’s reasonable to assume they might kick off two of them.

So, I’ll make two predictions, just in case. But first, random observations include:

I don’t get the Adam Lambert buzz. He’s a good-looking guy who can sing, but there isn’t any edge to him. It’s like a grown-up Jonas Brother or an emo Disney musical every time I see him. Same with Scott Macintyre.

It’s like their balls haven’t dropped yet or something.

Megan Corkrey is super cute, but I don’t think the tattoos help. She looks like the girl next door, and sings some cheery Rockin’ Robin and… the tatts just distract. The image clashes. Her dissonant stage persona was much worse then her song choice, IMO.

Anoop ain’t helping himself, is he? This was his worst performance so far this season, and hopefully he’ll do better in the future. Wonder if his extended family might hurt him among the extremely open-minded and tolerant voters. Might wanna hide mom and dad, dude.

Danny Gokey is my current front-runner.

Predictions To Be Voted Off (12:27 am):

  1. Jorge Nunez. Just wasn’t strong enough.
  2. Kris Allen. He splits the sensitive singer/songwriter vote with Matt Giraud and Scott Macintyre. Somebody from this voting bloc has to go, and I think Kris is next. (Jasmine Murray was the one actually voted off tonight).

10:00pm Update: Got 1 out of 2 correct tonight. It’s much harder now that we’re in the elimination phase. My prognostication skillz might be suspect until we whittle the contestant pool down more.

Cumulative Results This Season: 9 out of 11.