Cribbed from Margaret and Helen:

Barack Obama is a sitting President of a country still at war and on the brink of economic disaster.  And Rush wants failure?  He is  hoping for failure and 14 million listeners who call themselves conservative Americans are okay with that.   But a country singer (The Dixie Chicks) wishing the President didn’t come from her home state caused moral outrage.   Has anyone gone and looked up that word hypocrisy yet?  While you’re at it, look up the word culpable.  Scratch that, just look up the word gluttony.

 Of course, Limbaugh can say whatever he wants.  It’s a free country.  And people can stop buying albums when they don’t like the singer anymore.  That’s what ”it’s a  free country” means.  And I can say that Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than than a fat, greed-filled radio star praying on the insecurities and ignorance of people who graduated high school thinking that they knew everything.