Blake Aued dissects a recent National Journal article:

Based on 78 votes, the magazine ranked all 535 members of Congress from the most conservative to the most liberal. Broun came out in a three-way tie for first with a score of 97.3 out of 100.

The rankings show that Georgia’s congressional delegation might be the most conservative in the country. Five of our 13 congressman – Republicans Broun, Tom Price, Phil Gingrey, Lynn Westmoreland and John Linder – rank among the 50 most conservative House members. And none rank among the 50 most liberal. In fact, Jim Marshall is the most conservative Democrat in the House, and John Barrow is tied for the third-most conservative Democrat.

Paul Broun, representing Athens, is tied for the most conservative Congresscritter in America! Read the whole article to find other members’ ranking.