Another week, another go at Left-On-Lanier-Idol-Prognostication.

Predicted To Move Onward:

Scott Macintyre (visually impaired guy).
Lil Rounds (Mary J. Blige mom of three kids).
Jorge Nunez (Puerto Rican accent guy).

Pretty tough call on that last spot. Could be Ju’Not Joyner, but I’m giving the nod to Jorge cause it looked like he might cry and I think the teeney boppers will vote his way.

8:41 Update: Went 3 for 3, extending my cumulative season record to 8 out of 9.

8:56 Update: Tatiana makes it in? Is there no justice?

8:57 Update: Dueling piano player makes it in. I really like him. He’s my dark horse candidate.

8:59 Update: NoopDog in da house!