Andre at Peach Pundit gives commentary on a pair of AJC opinions about Milton County.

I’m a big advocate of local control, and feel strongly that people should be able to petition their government for extraordinary changes- or in this case, secede from their local government and create a new one that is more open to their concerns. In this case, it’s makes sense geographically and demographically, as the needs and concerns of North Fulton are completely different from South Fulton.

The costs would be enormous, it would require a constitutional amendment, and it could be a disaster. But that’s what democracies do- make decisions, and live with the consequences.

Although…I’d counsel those in Fulton eager to separate from the county to study the lessons of John’s Creek and Dunwoody carefully. I was involved in some of the legislation and political back-benching going on in those struggles, and it was clear to everyone beforehand that the numbers simply didn’t add up.

Two independent studies (produced by UGA and Ga State respectively) made it very clear that the aspiring cities could not balance their budget. The math was clear, but the advocates for city-hood dismissed the studies as being too “egg-head” and not fully recognizing the awesome financial ability of the rich folk in the august suburbs.

Now, both cities are going through a budget crisis of epic proportions.

So, again, more power to the Milton County peeps. Just know what you’re risking before you go all-in on a sucker bet.