“Astroturfing” is when a corporate or political sponsor pays money to create what appears to be a grassroots campaign. It’s looked down upon by most public relations people, even as nearly all of them do it on a regular basis.

Courtesy of DailyKos, there’s evidence of astroturfing in the recent “tea party” craze set off by Rick Santelli’s rant last week.

DK claims that on the day of Santelli’s nervous breakdown (where he mentioned throwing a “Chicago Tea Party”) the site officialchicagoteaparty.com went live.

1. The site is registered to Eric Odom, a veteran of astroturfing campaigns. The site is a companion with chicagoteaparty.com.

2. The funding for the site is tied to the “Sam Adams Alliance”, a conservative non-profit.

3. The “Sam Adam’s Alliance” is funded by Dorothy Koch.

Perhaps the right-wing conspiracy is back?

And in case you don’t know who Dorothy Koch is, perhaps you might recognize her maiden name- BUSH. Here’s a pic of her many moons ago with her notable family.