Down With Tyranny is amazed that there are some congressional districts where Obama carried less than 25% of the vote in 2008. The blog chose two districts to profile, including GA-09 and our esteemed Congressman Nathan Deal:

The congressman is a backward yahoo, Nathan Deal, who was first elected as a Dixiecrat Dem in 1992 but quickly realized all the like-minded kooks were on the other side of the aisle, which he skipped over to as soon as the GOP won majority status in 1994. He has been an important cog in screwing up American health care and has worked diligently to wreck the organic food industry.

There’s more if you’d like to read a national perspective on our cozy little area.

And as an aside, it’s important to recognize that Obama getting less than 25% of the vote is seen as an outlier by others. It’s so uncommon that it’s interesting. It’s a freak occurrence that makes others in the nation collectively double-take.