107 yeas, 66 nays. What does this mean for you?

It means GA Power can raise your rates now for two power plants that won’t come online until 2019. It means that we will be subsidizing the power needs of future Georgians, even if we aren’t around to actually use the power ourselves.

It means that GA Power will have the right to take your money, earn interest on it, and “earmark” it for these two future power plants. And if their needs change and the plants are never built? Well, deal with it suckers.

It means that the Georgia Legislature has agreed that they are better equipped to decide these thorny issues, as opposed to the Public Service Commission- the official government body specifically created to handle such issues.

It’s a bad bill. It’s a bad law. It’s thievery, perpetrated against taxpayers in deference to the big money lobbyists at GA Power. It’s simply wrong.

How did local legislators vote?


Mills (Y), Collins (Y), Rogers (N)


Hamilton (Y), Knox (Y)


Amerson (Y)

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