O’Malley’s was one of Athens’ most popular bars/health clubs in the 1980-90’s.

Yeah, it was kinda cheesy, and had a spotty reputation as a meat market. Isn’t that what ya want in a college bar?

Plus they hired excellent deejays. Well, one anyway.

Point is, the bar has been defunct for years, and it was purchased last year by UGA to temporarily house their new medical program.

Even cooler, and information that I didn’t know when I worked there, was that the building dates back to 1833 or so, was destroyed by fire twice in the 1800’s, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

O’Malley’s opened in 1978 and persisted through the mid 90’s or so? Not sure when the death-knell finally happened.

Cobain wasn’t the only casualty of the grunge movement.

Anyone know what happened to Ken Fulghum?