Bookman writes about efforts to establish a torture commission spearheaded by Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

Seems like a commission that would investigate our (recent) past transgressions could be useful in a number of ways, namely investigating whether torture really works as an interrogation technique.

There are other goals in mind, perhaps folks want to hold people responsible or bring up war crime trials or whatever. I think that’s a mistake.

If we’re gonna move forward in a bi-partisan (or non-partisan) way, it seems pointless to try and tarnish the Bush administration’s soiled legacy further. Seriously, do we need *more* evidence to prove that the previous guy was a jackass?

Let’s fire up that commission, and let’s put the issue to rest- DOES TORTURE PROVIDE USEFUL INTELLIGENCE? I know it’s against our morals and values and legal system, but does it prevent future attacks?

I want to hear what a commission has to say.