… remember the way you felt when at the end of the movie, it dawned on you that Bruce Willis had been dead ALL ALONG?!?

AJC’s Political Insider has a story about the rebuilding year for Christian conservatives in Georgia. Buried at the end is the “Sixth Sense” moment:

Jenny Hodges is a 33-year-old mother of six from Acworth, the type of true believer who makes appointments with abortion clinics to check their compliance with regulations — sonograms and such — imposed by Republican lawmakers at the behest of conservative Christian groups.

The regulations are mostly window-dressing, Hodges has decided.

“I came to the conclusion that Republicans in Georgia were not really pro-life,” she said. “That they were using [the issue] to get votes, and that the pro-life groups are letting them get away with it by being satisfied with incremental legislation that does not actually impact abortion numbers, but is effective for fund-raising.”

Exactly, Jenny. Most people figured that out after having a republican governor, republican state legislature, republican president and a republican congress for several years, and not having a single substantive anti-abortion law passed during the entire period. At the state OR federal level.

…You can watch the whole movie and never notice that Willis always wears the same clothes… that no one but the kid ever talks to him… that he never moves any item… and at the end of the flick, it’s easy to think, “how come I didn’t notice that sooner?”