ATL Malcontent posts thoughts regarding the Rick Warren controversy:

Rick Warren won’t be introducing any legislation, and he won’t be lobbying against “Milk” for Best Picture. Just delivering a harmless prayer, nothing more. It’s a symbolic gesture on Obama’s part, one most voters welcome.

Being inclusive, as Obama has pledged, requires actually listening to people that have policy differences.

We shouldn’t give up our fundamental dedication to the values of individual rights for all people, and the Rick Warren choice is consistent with that idea. Warren’s not the Prez, and he’s not setting policy. He’s a man of God who is asking for the Lord’s blessing upon our future president- surely a goal that we could all agree on, right?

LBGT folks- Save your powder. Your attacks are better served on other battles. Obama’s choice of Warren isn’t the enemy.

Democrats often like to turn against their own. This is a prime example.