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“So there’s this blog called Peach Pundit, and this dude named Erick runs it, right? And he lets his friends post on the front page about stuff? But then Spacey G starts putting stuff on there that Erick doesn’t like.

“So Erick’s like ‘no way Spacey your posts SUCK!’ and she’s like ‘Nuh-Uh!’

“Wait, it gets better. So then Spacey posts something about NATIONAL politics instead of LOCAL politics, and Erick’s like ‘dude that is so messed up’ and Spacey’s like ‘NO WAY’ and then Erick TOTALLY kicks her off his website!


“And then, Spacey’s all mad and calls Erick names and says he can’t parent his children or something, and then she says he TOTALLY MIXES HIS METAPHORS! And, I think she took him off her top 8 friends at MySpace, and he’s soooo totally not getting any more text messages from her

“Wait, there’s more!

“So then Erick’s like ‘I had to do it cause you’re screwing things up’ and then Spacey goes all ‘BLAH BLAH BLAH’ and then Peach Pundit goes down for scheduled maintenance or something for like, a zillion hours last night!

“And then everyone starts taking sides, and stuff, and I think we’re all gonna meet in the courtyard and fight at recess LOL!