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It’s unclear which one will happen.

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And finally the hammer dropped on the gay-slur-guy:

Chambliss: “The office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms has concluded its investigation, and I responded to that report immediately with the removal of a member of my staff. I commend the Sergeant at Arms, Terrance Gainer, and his staff for their very thorough and professional work.

“I have called Mr. Jervis, the blog’s author, and apologized to him personally, and I am sorry for the hurt this incident has caused. Regardless of one’s position on issues and policies, such comments are simply unacceptable, are not befitting those who work in the U.S. Senate, and I will not tolerate them from my staff.”

The owner of the blog Joe.My.God who initially discovered the slur had this to say:

“(Saxby) said, ‘There’s been a lot of criticism about why it’s taken so long to bring this to a resolution. But this is something that’s going to dramatically affect someone’s life, and we had to make sure we got it exactly right.’”

Saxby Chambliss has been openly hostile to LGBT issues and he drug his feet on this investigation. But in the end, he did what was right, apologized for bone-headed staff, and corrected the problem.

Props to Saxby. Wish he could be level-headed more often.

From Georgia Politico:

Of the five properties we have records for, Cagle’s disclosure values them at $1,210,000. Tax Records value them at approximately $745,100. It APPEARS Cagle has over-estimated his property values by nearly half a million dollars.

The reason I bring this up is twofold.

First, property value has become a big deal in these races. Nathan Deal is manipulating his for obvious reasons – Why is Cagle significantly overestimating his?

Second, I am by no means an expert of property taxes, but it seems like the school system could use that money. In Gainesville, Cagle paid roughly 1% of his property’s value in tax. If his property is actually worth the extra $500,000, he should pay 1% ($5,000) to his local school board. I am sure they could use the money.

In the effort to foster some bloggin’ up in ‘dem dere hills, Sleepless in Habersham is now on the blogroll. Also Georgia Liberal has now been changed to Georgia Politico on the sidebar.

…is running for Hall County Commission and has a citizen input session on “Ways to bring civility back to Hall County Government”.  Visit Spout Spring Library tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 30) from 6-8pm and let Paul Godfrey know what you’re thinking…

Nathan Deal does something squirrelly? You don’t say!

The head of the state Ethics Commission, Stacey Kalberman, said Monday that candidates are required to use the assessed value set by county tax officials. Deal’s camp used a higher appraised value, which they said was set by a bank evaluating the property.

Last week, Deal listed his half ownership in a Metter, Ga.-based property owned by his Gainesville auto salvage business at $300,000, saying the entire 37.7-acre property in Candler County was worth $600,000. But local tax records show the overall property was valued by county officials at about $304,000.